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Perimenopause – Sandra Shamas (comedy) – a funny clip on the years before menopause (EXPLICIT content warning)

HRT Myths revealed – Miss Anne Henderson with The Wonderbirds

Understanding Menopause – NICE Guidelines and Duty of Care with Diane Danzebrink

Overview of the Menopause
Health & Her 

What happens to periods at menopause?
Health & Her

Menopause mood changes, anxiety and brain fog
Health & Her

Loss of sex drive at menopause – is it biological or psychological? – Health & Her

Incontinence at menopause – urinary changes and why they happen – Health & Her

Menopause vaginal changes explained
Health & Her

Painful sex, menopause and you
Health & Her

BRCA 1 & BRCA 2 Genes
KIMS Hospital

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