“When it comes to your health…Experience is key”

Miss Anne Henderson MA MB BChir MRCOG
Consultant Gynaecologist

British Menopause Society
Advanced Specialist

Owner and Director of The Amara Clinic

“Empathy, support and exceptional care throughout your treatment journey.”

Miss Anne Henderson MA MB BChir MRCOG
Consultant Gynaecologist

British Menopause Society
Advanced Specialist

Owner and Director of The Amara Clinic

“Excellence in women’s health care through perimenopause, menopause and beyond.”

Miss Anne Henderson MA MB BChir MRCOG
Consultant Gynaecologist

British Menopause Society
Advanced Specialist

Owner and Director of The Amara Clinic

“Expertise and experience you can trust.”

Miss Anne Henderson MA MB BChir MRCOG
Consultant Gynaecologist

British Menopause Society
Advanced Specialist

Owner and Director of The Amara Clinic

“First class gynaecology care from renowned consultants.”

Miss Anne Henderson MA MB BChir MRCOG
Consultant Gynaecologist

British Menopause Society
Advanced Specialist

Owner and Director of The Amara Clinic

A message from The Amara Clinic

We are delighted to announce an increase in appointment capacity thanks to the new members of The Amara Medical Team.

This means we can now offer you same-week appointments and even more convenient and efficient services tailored to your unique needs.

Virtual appointments available - telephone & video consultations.

We look forward to your visit.

Gynae Expert welcomes you to The Amara Clinic

The Amara Clinic is led by women for women, so every woman will receive unique and specific treatment. There is no one size fits all approach to health. The Amara Clinic offers a multidisciplinary approach to each person we welcome through our doors.

The Clinic offers a serene, private and secluded environment in which women can receive exceptional care from a multi-disciplinary team of experts, including advanced specialists accredited by the British Menopause Society. We welcome women from all over the South-East and beyond to attend in person but also offer virtual appointments by telephone and encrypted video consultation to patients who are further afield, many of whom live worldwide.

We offer a full and comprehensive range of women’s health services as well as care for perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

For Women’s Healthcare you need look no further.

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Welcome to Gynae Expert

I’m Anne, a highly experienced Consultant Gynaecologist, specialising in all aspects of women’s health with a special interest in all aspects of menopause.

I have more than 35 years of experience as a gynaecologist and am now well known as the ‘Gynae Expert’. I provide high-quality health information across the spectrum, not only to my patients but also to other healthcare practitioners, mainstream and social media and also to the legal profession.

I have now set up The Amara Clinic, a new centre of excellence entirely dedicated to women’s health and wellbeing, based in a private setting in the centre of Tunbridge Wells. The Clinic offers women bespoke and personalised treatments which are based on years of experience and my holistic approach to healthcare. I am supported by a full range of healthcare practitioners including GP services, phlebotomy and radiology. This team is able to help women optimise their health throughout their reproductive lives, including menopause and beyond.

‘I'm on a mission to lift the stigma, debunk the myths and offer unbiased facts about menopause. I want to educate and inform people so they can choose the right combination of treatments, therapies and activities to help them through this critical time in their lives.’



Perimenopause, Menopause and Beyond

The Amara Clinic is unique as it led by a Consultant Gynaecologist with decades of experience in women’s health- this is a very different approach from menopause clinics run by other healthcare practitioners including GPs. This enables us to provide a genuinely multi-disciplinary approach to women’s health during the perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

We offer an efficient and specialist one-stop clinic for women transitioning through the perimenopause and beyond and who are struggling to cope with the symptoms, while balancing busy personal and professional lives. Whatever symptoms you experience, whether physical, emotional or psychological our team of specialists can offer empathy, guidance, support and treatment. We are here to help you take control of your menopause journey and formulate a treatment plan tailored specifically to your individual needs.


The Amara Clinic offers women treatment for a wide range of both common and complex gynaecological conditions, including menstrual disorders, pelvic and vulval pain.

The Clinic provides a one-stop world-class gynaecological service with rapid access to a wide range of diagnostic tests and treatment options covering most gynaecological conditions.

Virtual & Face-to-Face Consultations 

Miss Anne Henderson and her team of experts are available for telephone, web and in-person consultations.

Accessing healthcare doesn’t have to be challenging. At the Amara Clinic, we believe in making it easier to access high-quality medical care. We offer both virtual and face-to-face appointments according to your needs. So, whether you need a weekday appointment, a face-to-face meeting at the weekend or a secure video call one evening, our experts will try can make it work for you.

We are proud to support our emergency services, NHS, social care sector and armed forces providing 25% off consultations, please contact our Clinic Team to book or find out more

Getting Started

Make an enquiry

Contact the Amara Clinic Team for information on appointments and availability.

Book appointment

Have an initial consultation with one of our experienced health professionals to discuss your individual needs.

Patient Journey

Our clinical experts will develop a bespoke, holistic treatment plan and support you through your patient journey.

Get Miss Henderson’s Book “Natural Menopause”

For women experiencing perimenopause, menopause and beyond

Understand the menopause with all its changes and challenges – and choose practices and treatments to make this next stage in your wellness journey healthy, positive and joyful.


“I have the pleasure of the author as a consultant in regards to the menopause. The book is well written and offers much understanding into the menopause with helpful insights. A must read."


Order your copy today

Why choose The Amara Clinic?

Consultant-led care

The clinic is led by Miss Anne Henderson, a highly experienced Consultant Gynaecologist and fully accredited British Menopause Society (BMS) Advanced Specialist, one of only around 200 healthcare practitioners who hold the advanced accreditation across the UK. She works with an experienced multi-disciplinary team to support women during the menopause and throughout their reproductive lives. At all times, patient care is personally overseen by Miss Henderson.

Seamless service

All your medical requirements, including consultations, diagnostic tests, prescriptions and most surgical procedures can be accessed in-house through a seamless process which rarely requires external referrals. Most of our patients will see the same practitioner throughout their treatment journey, receiving not only the highest level of expertise but also continuity of care.

One-stop service

At The Amara Clinic our mission is to make it easy for all women to access the quality healthcare they need. We offer a wide range of services including face-to-face and virtual appointments depending on your needs and location. We also provide an extensive range of investigations including blood tests and imaging, private prescriptions and surgical treatments when required. Our medical team cover a comprehensive selection of health concerns including general gynaecology, perimenopause and menopause, cervical screening and Well Woman health checks.

Healthcare by women for women

We offer personalised treatment and empathetic support in a beautiful, private space. The Amara Clinic offers an exceptional standard of health and menopause care in a boutique setting in the heart of Royal Tunbridge Wells, as well as virtual consultations by telephone or encrypted video-link for patients across the rest of the UK and worldwide.

Waiting for NHS Menopause Treatment?

Suffering from NHS delays for Menopause treatment causes immense worry and stress. However, specialist help is still available.

Miss Anne Henderson provides outstanding quality Menopause advice and individually tailored HRT packages for each patient.


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