Read one man’s experience of wearing the MenoVest – Anne Comments

Read this highly interesting piece of one Daily Mail writer’s experience of wearing the MenoVest – a device designed to simulate hot flushes.

Anne was delighted to contribute to this article and discuss how the symptoms of the menopause need to be taken more seriously. Devices like this can help to give men a little empathy for the seriously debilitating symptoms that menopause can bring.

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Miss Anne Henderson

Anne Henderson is a Consultant Gynaecologist and British Menopause Society Accredited Specialist. She has been a consultant for more than 20 years, and spent 17 years as an NHS Consultant.

Now, as the owner of Gynae Expert Ltd and the Amara Clinic, she is passionate about championing women’s health and menopause in her practice, and by using her voice in media, online and on projects that have a positive impact on women’s physical and mental health.