YES Oil Based Personal Lubricant 80ml


YES® OB is a plant-oil based personal lubricant which feels luxurious, nourishing and long-lasting. Certified organic, YES® OB provides smooth lubrication for intimacy and doubles as a massage oil.

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YES® OB Tubes

Sunflower seed oil*

Shea butter*

Sweet almond oil*

Bees wax*

Cocoa seed butter*

Vitamin E

*certified organic ingredients

YES® OB Applicators

Sunflower seed oil*

Coconut oil*

Jojoba seed oil*

Hydrogenated vegetable oil

Grapeseed oil*

Vitamin E

*certified organic ingredients

Does YES® OB come with a resusable applicator?

No, none of the YES range currently comes with a reusable applicator. It’s not that we aren’t looking, but so far we haven’t found one which doesn’t affect the performance or the hygiene of our formulations – which is deal breaker for us. Until then, we do sell YES® VM, YES® WB and YES® OB in prefilled applicators – just select from the drop down menu for size options.

Are there preservatives in YES products?

What is the difference between YES OB and YES WB?

How do I apply YES OB?