A very comforting experience, the waiting rooms (and consulting room that I visited) are beautifully appointed, arranged to evoke a feeling of relaxation in a gorgeous living room and not a in a clinical environment which would raise already heightened levels of menopausal anxiety. The approach to my care has been very thorough and informative and I feel a great burden lifted - hope is restored! My gratitude to the Amara clinic - I’ve gone from having menopausal dread to being excited to be on this journey with Miss Anne Henderson and her team.

HS, March 2024

The expertise and professionalism of Anne Henderson following poor healthcare treatment elsewhere, turned my life around. When further complications arose a few years later, the Amara Clinic were caring and speedy in getting me the help needed. Excellent in managing my medically induced menopause, life is very much improved. I extend my thanks to Miss Henderson and the team.

DC, March 2024

Miss Henderson was recommended to me as a menopause specialist. It was so reassuring to talk to Miss Henderson, who listened and totally understood what I was going through. I felt fully supported and I had confidence that going forward the medication prescribed along with the tests carried out would benefit me and ease my symptoms. I cannot recommend Miss Henderson highly enough for her expert advice and professionalism.

FM, March 2024

I cannot rate the Amara clinic enough. Miss Anne Henderson has been supportive and understanding of my issues and I feel my HRT needs are being well addressed. The clinic staff are always approachable and sympathetic. Sadly not all women can access the excellent services that the Amara clinic provides. I’m a very happy patient receiving the best care.

TQ, March 2024

The Amara clinic have listened attentively to my concerns and provided a personalised treatment plan with very positive results. Dr Henderson and the team have a high level of professionalism and have made me feel comfortable with all communications. I highly recommend the Amara clinic for their excellent service and expertise.

FC, March 2024

After a year of procrastinating, I finally took the plunge and made an appointment at the Amara Clinic. My menopause journey has been difficult and I thought that being post menopausal meant nothing could be done to ease my symptoms. Miss Henderson assured me that this was not the case and I’m now on a pathway to try to better manage my menopause. The Amara Clinic is a calming environment and the Team there could not have been more friendly and welcoming.

LL, March 2024

I'm so glad I decided to go private, Miss Henderson is brilliant and has helped me get my mojo back. She is warm, considerate and so very knowledgeable. The team at the clinic are absolutely lovely too. I've recommended the Amara Clinic to friends too.

SL, March 2024

The consultations and advice that I have received from the Amara Clinic have been excellent and very helpful. I am grateful to have the opportunity to experience such a high level of expertise and advice on the menopause. Thank you for your professionalism and dedication to this topic.

HM, March 2024

Anne and her amazing team have women’s health completely covered . From booking my first appointment to meeting the team it has been an effortless process. Ann is a superwoman of experience and knowledge in her field and has made my journey with them one I feel safe and confident . I recommend Amara to everyone I know as I can’t Thank them enough for their continued support in my menopause journey.

SN, March 2024

My experience with The Amara clinic has been wonderful, the staff are all very friendly and professional. I was put at ease throughout each stage of my various procedures and tests buy the nursing staff. Communication was very good regarding appointments, procedures and Results and I am very happy with the whole of the service I received. I would definitely recommend The Amara clinic to any woman with gynaecological or Hormone problems.

HT, March 2024

I first came across The Amara when looking for medication regarding a menopause symptom that wasn't available via the NHS. It was during Covid so everything was done over the phone. My initial consultation was thorough and I very much felt heard. Subsequently I was shown how to order the medication on line. Also I was sent a detailed report concerning my consultation. I would heartily recommend this clinic. Dealing with menopause can be so stressful and The Amara Clinic has been patient, helpful and well worth the money. Communication is excellent, and every member of staff I've dealt with have been, without exception, kind, calm and friendly.

CP, March 2024

I have had a number of appointments with Anne Henderson over a period of years most of which have been HRT related. I cannot speak highly enough of her knowledge and expertise in this field - I am now on a HRT program that has alleviated many peri menopausal symptoms/struggles.
I feel very settled physically and emotionally as a result. The staff who I have had the pleasure to have dealt with at the Amara Clinic have always been professional and empathic. I would and have recommended a number of friends to the clinic over the years.

GB, February 2024

The Amara Clinic provides top quality service to women. My own journey took me there when my own GP refused to listen. Many thanks to Anne and the team who have helped me feel like a goddess again.
ST, February 2024

Please do not hesitate to book an consultation with Miss Henderson at the Amara Clinic! Having spoken to numerous professionals, at various NHS and private clinics, regarding my concerns and symptoms of menopause, I was delighted to have found Miss Anne Henderson at the Amara Clinic. Miss Henderson put me at ease immediately during our initial video consultation from the convenience of my own home. She took a huge amount of time asking me questions about my symptoms, my personal and family history, my long and short term health concerns and answering all of my questions. No matter how silly I thought they were. I came away from the initial consultation feeling extremely confident that I had found a clinic that could really help me and make a difference to my life. Miss Henderson outlined the plan of action moving forward, she clearly and slowly explained the treatment we would consider, how it would be monitored and who I could contact if I needed anything further. I had been given a plan that made sense to me and that I had confidence in. I received a very prompt follow up letter detailing everything that was discussed on the call, it also included recommendations and advice for further support around the symptomatic issues we had discussed. I could not be more delighted to have found a consultant and a clinic to support me through this confusing and challenging time, for both me and my family. Thank you

SC, January 2024

The Amara Clinic provides a calm and inviting atmosphere with a warm and friendly team. Miss Henderson is a true professional whose expertise and knowledge gives me total trust and confidence in her treatment. She provides individually tailored and comprehensive care, allowing plenty of time for any questions I may have. An added bonus is being able to have blood tests done on the premises, which simplifies the whole process.
I highly recommend Miss Henderson and her team at the Amara Clinic.
JW, January 2024

I have been seeing Miss Henderson for four years, more recently at her new Amara Clinic. It has been refreshing to see a doctor who actually cares about treating the symptoms and effects of menopause. Previously it has always been a battle to be taken seriously. Miss Henderson has strong specialist knowledge and always puts me at my ease. She also has a good understanding of my personal circumstances and stresses, as a background to my treatment and we always discuss these as part of my consultation. I have progressed through a number of treatment options over time, managed round all the dreadful national HRT shortages and I feel the benefits of having hormone levels that are balanced and under control. I have found the team to be friendly and helpful. The new clinic space is welcoming and relaxing and is a great setting for my consultations.

HD, December 2023

The Amara Clinic is so welcoming from the moment you walk in the door, I’ve seen two receptionist both very warm and friendly, the nurse who took blood was so efficient and I didn’t even have a bruise, the best part is that I feel so much better and able to cope with day to day life and feel like my old self. I can’t praise Anne Henderson enough her knowledge and understanding were amazing, I would recommend Amara clinic to anyone you won’t be disappointed. I’m so pleased to have found you.

EC, December 2023

Visited the Amara clinic for my annual review. As i expected friendly service, staff are lovely and helpful. Miss Henderson was efficient and informative. The clinic is well run and i would highly recommend to any women for Menopause support and guidance. Cannot fault the service, staff and efficiency.

DO, December 2023

Extremely professional and thorough initial consultation with Miss Anne Henderson at the Amara Clinic. I was immediately made to feel at ease and all of my questions were answered thoroughly. I feel completely confident that my health care needs will be addressed. Friendly and approachable reception staff also helped to make the experience positive.

NW, November 2023

The Amara Clinic is a joy to attend - from the friendly and welcoming reception staff, to the relaxing, calm and beautiful waiting area, and then of course to Miss Henderson’s expert care. Her ethos is for all her patients to live their ‘best lives’ through personalised and tailored treatment. I find her very kind, professional and genuine. I have no hesitation in recommending the Amara Clinic.

MW, November 2023

I have been with the Amara Clinic for 4 years. It is the best professional care I have ever received. The HRT regime is superb. Initially when I first made my appointment I was so anxious, hormonally unbalanced and really unwell with so many menopausal symptoms. Miss Henderson was excellent. Spent time listening, giving advice and ensuring i have a good balance of HRT. I now have annual reviews, prior to this bloods etc to ensure all levels are good. I now see Dr J Brickley and she has been very professional and supportive ensuring my regime is correct. She spends time listening and gives excellent advice too. I highly recommend them. Thank you.

JD, November 2023

I went to the Amara Clinic because I was anxious about smear tests. The atmosphere at the clinic immediately put me at ease; it doesn't have the typical clinical vibe, which helped me to relax. Dr Anne Henderson was attentive and addressed all my concerns. The procedure was swift, free of pain, and conducted with dignity. I would highly recommend it.

SR, October 2023

I have had several face to face conversations with doctors at the clinic and one video consultation. They have all been very informative, not rushed and calm. I have felt comfortable, and cared for. The conversations have been extremely informative and I feel that I have people who are genuinely helping me on my post menopausal journey.

LC, October 2023

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