Jude is a women’s healthcare company with a mission to raise awareness about bladder issues and incontinence, busting taboos and opening up conversations about these sensitive topics to help women get on with life, leak-free.

During their research into the topic of bladder care, the team at Jude realised that the UK has some major problems. First of all, bladder care is almost non-existent. No one talks about it, no one really knows how to help, and no one realises there are preventative things you can do to stop it happening in the first place.

Secondly, treatment is too slow. It takes around six months to get an NHS diagnosis and 12 months to start any kind of non-surgical treatment. What are you meant to do in the meantime?

Last but not least, a weak bladder is seen as a normal part of ageing. But it doesn’t have to be. While childbirth and menopause can affect bladder strength, it doesn’t have to be permanent.

With all this in mind, the Jude team is here to table the underlying issues. Working with a team of leading doctors and gynaecologists, they’ve created a range of natural supplements that target the root causes of urge-to-go and accidental leaks.These supplements have been proven to improve bladder strength, and they have been life-changing for thousands of women. They’ve also created a range of environmentally friendly pants, pads and liners that empower women to get on with what they love.

As well as creating trailblazing bladder care products, the team has put a lot of time and thought into building and developing the Jude community. More than 3,500 women have already joined the Jude and Friends Facebook community, which is a space for you to make friends with like-minded women, ask questions and voice your opinions. Whatever you’re too embarrassed to mention, they’re already talking about.

The team at Jude say:

‘For too long, bladder issues have been silently endured by many women. There has been little emphasis on finding effective treatments or prevention methods, and we are determined to change the narrative by introducing a fresh and innovative approach to bladder health.’

Peony Li

Founder and CEO of Jude

Peony Li is the founder and CEO of Jude. Her family have worked in the area of women’s health for more than three decades, and while Peony has worked in many different industries, she eventually found her way back to healthcare.

While working as Head of Investments at Founders Factory, where she supported and invested in over 60 start-ups, she fell in love with consumer healthcare. She went on to join Daye, where she helped the company scale a pain-relieving tampon, and she loved that they would hear back from women saying how much the product had changed their lives.

During the pandemic, Peony distributed six million pieces of protective equipment to frontline workers, and she met a lot of women who were struggling with bladder issues. The personal stories she heard made her think about the area in more detail, and she decided to start conversations with thousands of women and men about their bladder issues.

After thousands of hours on the phone, hearing "embarrassed" countless times, and discovering that bladder care is non-existent in the UK, she felt inspired to create a business that could provide a 360 solution: clinically-trialled products, an authentic community, and trusted experts. This was how Jude was born.

Peony is passionate about putting bladder care into the mainstream, improving the quality of women’s lives, and creating a supportive community where women feel safe to share their experiences with others.

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