Frequently Asked Questions

It is my first time visiting the gynaecologist and I’m apprehensive. What can I expect?

Arranging an outpatient consultation for medical reasons can be stressful and gynaecological issues are particularly sensitive.  We understand that this can be a daunting process, and Judith is available to help with all aspects of the consultation process, including liaising with insurers if appropriate.

I would like to speak to a female consultant/have someone with me during the consultation. Is this possible?

The entire team who will be treating you is female, including the clinic nurses and the herbalist linked to the practice.  A female chaperone is always available if you wish to have someone present during the consultation and examination process.  Finally, a female Consultant Radiologist is always available for any ultrasound and imagaing procedures required.

I plan to use medical insurance to cover the cost of my treatment. How does this work and what do I need to do?

In most cases it is advisable to contact the insurer to obtain an authorisation code before attending a consultation.   This authorisation will usually cover the cost of the consultation and any basic investigations which may be required, including blood tests and ultrasound scans.   If the insurance company requires any additional information then Judith will be happy to advise accordingly, including cost of treatment, procedure codes and so on.  In recent times, insurance companies have not always given out accurate information regarding cover for treatment and in particular, whether or not there is likely to be a shortfall.  If you are given information suggesting that your treatment may not be covered in full and/or there is likely to be a shortfall, then please check this information with Judith,  as she will be able to clarify the situation and correct any errors made by insurers.  Miss Henderson is a fully accredited consultant recognised by all major insurers and it is only in exceptional cases that patients would not be fully covered by their insurance policy for consultations and treatment.

Where are your clinics based?

Full details of clinic locations are given on the website but these are currently based throughout Kent, in Maidstone and Sevenoaks. The London clinic is at No. 25 Harley Street. 

I want to see a consultant confidentially without my GP being involved.

In most situations it is preferable for your GP to be involved in any referral to a specialist.  They are best placed to liaise with the consultant, provide the relevant medical information, and act upon any advice given.  However there may be situations where patients would prefer to keep matters entirely confidential and do not wish their GP to be involved.  In such cases patients can refer themselves directly as an outpatient on a self funding basis.  Further information regarding this can be obtained from Judith using the links on the website.

I have been experiencing troublesome bleeding and pain and I’m worried it could be cancer.

Please be reassured that the vast majority of gynaecological symptoms are due to benign conditions and it is extremely rare for there to be any sinister underlying diagnosis, including cancer.  The consultation and investigation process is very streamlined, and in many cases, both the consultation and any investigations can be completed on the same day as a one-stop process to expedite the results.  Even in the unfortunate situation where there is a diagnosis of malignancy, then most gynaecological cancers, particularly if detected early, have a very good outcome.   There are direct links from the clinic to the Maidstone Oncology Centre in the very rare circumstance that treatment needs to be expedited.

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